Paul Meyers



It’s all about the economics:

I am –

  • A $9000.00 a year Bourbon enthusiast.
  • I have a $2300.00 a year IPA thing.
  • I’m serious about Pyrotechnics. And will keep that figure between a certain distributor and myself.

Oh, and there was that shocking amount to get my stuff up here from the Sonoran Desert!  Aaagh!  How do we make all this zero out?  I’m starting w/Tamales door to door!!

Truth is I’m humbled that I was given this trial membership to one of the greatest and highly respected radio stations in the business!  My sincerest hope is to make you all proud.

Plus I make a pretty mean meatball.  Maybe door to door spaghetti toppings?

This is already getting complicated.

More people have seen me at Fred Meyer than recognize me from the radio.  (which makes more sense than I’m supposed to admit) Perhaps I should’ve started with that.

Mitch Hedberg was the best.  So was Frank Lloyd Wright.

Little More Background:

Not trying to be funny but, I once tipped the DEA off to my buddy, in that, he was hiding Cannabis inside logs at his house.  Later on, I called my friend and asked him if the FBI had been there.  He said they came and chopped all that wood by his porch and left.  I said, “you’re welcome.”

I absolutely love this weather up here and went right ahead and bought a Timbersled Sno-Bike.  Dammit!  So there’s another thing I have to figure out.  Looks like I’ll be paying stuff off for some time!

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