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  1. Brooks Perry

    Greetings KPND-

    I am a current Outdoor Education instructor for an International School located in Dalian, China. I have been living in China for over a year now. Before moving internationally, I lived in Sandpoint for a handful of years. I recollect my time in Sandpoint very fondly. It was where I first learned to ski, where I grew an even deeper appreciation of nature and the wilderness and where I spent some very formative years of my life. Most importantly, I fell in love with a beautiful Sandpoint woman while I was there. She taught me some of the most beautiful lessons of life. One of our favorite activities together would be to go on drives and hike mountains around north Idaho. Inevitably, we would always have KPND on the radio and we would jam together.

    Since my time working in China, I have always tuned into KPND for the good music, the weather reports and the local news. It makes me feel somewhat grounded in this big world. I always look forward to hearing Vic’s voice come on the broadcast in the mornings because that means its nearly time for me to go to bed here in China. Thank you to your radio station for making me feel close to Sandpoint and for helping me remember such a special Sandpoint lady named Callie.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. Dagan Williamson

    Lost the reception in CDA today… I will move out of the area. Curious what the problem is seems some cheap biassed station my have run u over. I listened to KRSH north of SF. And if I can’t listen to kpnd I will move away. Seriously..

  3. Ron Andrews

    I am looking for your station/broadcast on a Grace Digital Internet radio that uses the Reciva radio station listing and just wondering if your station is listed on that service. I have searched using your call sign KPND and 95.3 with no luck then looked under the Alternative genre but no success.

  4. Curt


    I live in MT….Is this voucher only available to in-store visitors or can I print it online ?

  5. Mike Steiner

    I would really like to win the String Dusters CD. I have two other CDS and the have become a standard on my iPod when traveling. I would like some more.

  6. Roberta calkins

    I won tickets to mardi gras but couldn’t get there because my road is not plowed. I didn’t give my zip code because I didn’t know what it was. 83860 sagle 472 James rd b

  7. Aublaweld

    I have to say it, I listen to your station hours a day at home and in the car. I love everything about it-except for the guy on the sports segment of the show. He treats Vic like she does not know her sports. I like what she adds to the show, and handles his subjective knowledge that he seems to consider superior knowledge, with grace.
    I find it offensive when guys act this way about sports, when Most of their input is their personal opinion and the minority of objectivivity is crammed down other’s throat while putting themselves above others who are willing to talk sports. Good job Vic for letting it roll off…the other guy may be your friend but as a listener, he just seems pompous and disrespectful.

    1. Mike

      I agree Chris Chapburn is a joke!! No talent hack. Obvious he’s never competed in organized sports. Guys like him chirp about athletes and sports not being interesting or competitive. Soccer in particular he has trouble with. Boring says the hack who was never good enough to participate in organized sports. Cheerleader, drum major, Pom Pom boy ,water boy, He is a GOLFER!! Wow what a workout!! He would last maybe 3 minutes! His best position on his team is Left Out.

  8. Paul ONeil

    Awesome! I just found your site, I have heard KPND back in the old days.. (1997) and I was trynig to see if Uncle Larry was still in radio, and he’s at KPND! Loved Uncle Larry on KEZE back in the early 90’s! Right on KPND! And Sandpoint/ CDA is heaven!

  9. Vesta

    KPND is the best radio station ever, which is why I became a VIP member during the first days the new web site was up and running. I am a daily listener, I am curious about your newest contest for VIP members (also your last, with the golf clubs), from the way it sounds, it is for NEW VIP members only? My husband says it is for all VIP members it is just that the site is new. which is correct? If it is only for new VIP members, isn’t that a little unfair to your loyalist of fans, that don’t need a bribe to become a fan/member?

    #loyal listener

    1. mariemccallister

      Hi Vesta. All of our VIP/web contests include ALL members, not just the new ones signing up. Thanks for being a loyal listener.

      1. michael krahn

        Hey Marie, hope you are doing well! My name is Michael Krahn. I won the travelers rest package, and thanks for that. However; have not received gas card yet, if it hasn’t mailed yet I would like to gift that to Christine C. Sincerely, Michael Krahn…

  10. AJ

    Could you let me know when that house flipping ad is out of rotation? I’ll be tuning out until then….just can’t take it anymore. ..

  11. Jennifer

    I love that there is finally a station that plays Indie! All of the other stations in Spokane have been playing nothing but classic rock or 80s. Thank you so much for providing an alternative!

  12. Maks

    Hi! My name is Maks and I am a musician living in The Netherlands.

    I have been playing as a drummer in rock bands for a big part of my life.

    After the splitting up of my most recent band in 2012, I went on a small tour through the USA as a stand-in drummer in a blues-rock band. During this trip I decided I was going to write my own material and see where this could lead to…

    The learning curve was pretty steep, I must say. Besides learning how to play a bit of decent guitar and keyboards, I also had to cope with my vocals. Perhaps my greatest challenge was to find my singing voice :)…

    However, my hard work paid off and I am very proud to have finished my first solo CD “3Ft No Diving”, which is already available in a number of web shops via CDbaby.

    You can listen to the tracks at http://WWW.MAKSAGENCY.COM

    If you would like to receive a CD by mail or the digital tracks by Wetransfer, feel free to let me know.

    I am quite sure that you receive loads of mail in any form and shape, but I would really appreciate it, if you could find the time to listen to the CD and let me know what you think of it.



  13. Tom Dwyer

    I was listening in my car today (Sep 15) about 2.10 pm. I’d like to know the female artist and name of her song. It was the song that preceded The Fixx’s “One Thing Leads to Another”. Thx in advance.

    FYI – love your station!

  14. Alan Wilson

    What was the name of the Pearl Jam song you played around 10:15 this morning? I’ve heard it more than once on your station but have never heard the title. It sounds so much like While We Cry by Kenny Wayne Shepard. Thanks.

  15. Terry W. Shaver

    Absolutely no other station that compares to KPND! I’m almost 70, a musician for most of my life and this is the best format I have ever heard! (I used to travel extensively and I never found any other music format that is as good!
    Thanks !
    terry w. shaver

    ps. (if anyone there is a Rush fan, they should check out a new band from LA called YYNOT ! Great band and great people!)

    1. mariemccallister

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I think everyone here is a Rush fan…we’ll check it out!

      Have a great week,
      Marie McCallister

  16. David

    On your main page, there’s a box on the right side that says “KPND VIP Club – sign up now!” When I click it, I get a 404, page not found. Gosh, so easy to sign up…

  17. Diane DeLong

    You shouldn’t broadcast news that isn’t updated- for example today on 11/22/17 in the AM it your newsguy reported that a man was wanted from Lewiston who was involved in a double homicide. In fact the guy had been apprehended and arrested on Tuesday 11/21/17 . I’m not sure if you are pre-recording these news bytes but it really isn’t newsworthy if if isn’t current information.

    1. mariemccallister

      Thanks for the info. Normally, the news breaks are recorded about an hour before they air. It could be that he just didn’t have the undated info..

  18. iddia

    Every weekend i used to visit this web site, as i want enjoyment,
    for the reason that this this site conations really pleasant funny data too.

  19. clem hartery

    You played a song by the Smithereens yesterday, dec 15 at about 8:45 a.m. It was awesome but I didn’t catch the name and I had to shut my radio off as I was getting an oil change.

    Cant find it on I tunes or youtube. I want to hear it again. Your sports guy played to I think

    help please

  20. MaryJoJohnson

    Good morning!

    My husband and I caught your station on December 14th as we drove over the Idaho Panhandle on our way to Bellingham, Washington. We were able to listen quite a distance past Ritzville, WA, and heard the entire Radio Deli which highlighted all things monkey related! LOVED! IT! 

    It was truly a delight to hear an INDEPENDENT station that plays fabulous music not heard on mainstream radio.

    THANK YOU to Blue Sky Broadcasting, and to all of its fine on-air artists. I can now enjoy your station 24/7 online.

    Merry Christmas, and may 2018 bring great things to you all!

    1. mariemccallister

      Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to write. Happy to have you as a new listener and Happy New Year!

  21. Robin

    Tried to listen via radio, online, and apps to kspt talk show today and could not find ANY way to listen in. Highly disappointed as today’s segment was one I was really looking forward to hearing. No apps could fund your station when I searched. Google just kept linking me to other apps and your website only has the option to listen to kpnd and even that doesn’t stream properly. It keeps timing out on me.

    1. mariemccallister

      We currently don’t have any apps available for streaming our AM stations. Who was the host & the guest you were hoping to hear? I can check to see if it was recorded and if so, we can burn a copy for you (for a $10 fee).

  22. Nicholas Newby

    I want thank KPND for the Whitewater lift tickets that I won at the KPND Ski Party at Trinity. My girlfriend and I went last weekend and had a phenomenal time! Serious powder day!
    Thanks again,


  23. Sandy Johnson

    I like listening to you but the station rose my esteem tonight when I heard you playing the “sanitized” version of Mumford & Sons (big hit) song tonight. I bop to that song but always feel somewhat assaulted by the F bomb in the main refrain. Thank you for bleeping it out. I was really impressed. Things have become so crass in our society…it was a pleasant surprise 🙂

    1. mariemccallister

      Thank you for the comments. There are a lot of songs out these days with profanity and we always clean them up before airing. Have a great day and thanks for listening.


  24. Colleen Ankersmit

    I am loving this new song – Breathless! And he is from my Canadian Province! Way to GO! I think he’s got a really great voice…

  25. Tyler J Blackwelder

    Good morning! Heard my name was called last night for a contest! But cannot get through on any phone lines! Not sure if I am too late to claim it or not. Cheers!

  26. David

    Recently, your abacast station has stopped working with Firefox on W10. It seem to be linked to FF rolling out v61.0. It still runs on FF on my old Linux box and on MS Edge on W10.

    I tried to find any kind of support for Abacast, to let them know, but and don’t seem to wok. Please look into this for a fix, since FF is my preferred browser.

  27. Brian

    Your music selection has gotten very whiney and twangy. You’re slowly losing this listener. What’s up with the obvious focus on country?

    1. mariemccallister

      There’s no intentional focus on country. Sometimes it’s the music trend at the moment, sometimes it’s the jock on the air choosing the songs. Is there a certain time of day or day of the week when it seems more noticeable to you? Or is just a random observation?

      Thanks for your input.

  28. Don

    LIstening to KPND this morning and heard the name John Christoper Kowsky. I’m thinking “is that the same guy from AM radio in the 70’s?” Dang! Welcome back! You’ve been playing tunes for me for over 40 years. Thanks and thanks KPND.

    1. mariemccallister

      Yes, one and the same. We lured him out of radio retirement to work part-time for us. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  29. Christian Aparicio

    Hi to the Kpnd station , just went to the cheap trick/ Joan Jett concert on you guys ! Thanks again. , It was a great show and had alot of fun,

  30. Carrie Knaggs

    Just thought you should be made aware that you lose my listenership every time the commercial with Mitch from Auto credit sales plays. I hear his voice and immediately change the station or switch to Pandora. That commercial is so irritating I can’t sit through it. I hope their advertising dollars are worth the listeners you lose.
    Carrie Knaggs

  31. Eric

    Listening to the Auto Credit advertisement right now, and throughout every day. This is the most irritating advertisement I’ve ever heard. Listening to that ad is like listening to fingernails on a chalk-board. I understand the approach (attract listeners). This ad is so irritating, it is painful to listen to, and makes me want to go out-of-my way to Never buy anything from Auto Credit Your advertiser needs to re-think their ad. Be humorous or clever, but Loud-Obnoxious-Irritating like fingernails on a chalk-board is a sure way for folks to remember them, as someone not to do business with. My $0.02.

  32. Robbi Price

    I am so HAPPY to find your radio station! I live in Deer Park and am SICK of the same 8 songs from the usual stations to which I’ve always listened. I was channel surfing one day and came across music that I had not heard before! What?!? Needless to say, my car radio preset was changed along with the radio in my RV! Thank you for this fresh programming. I just KNEW there were other musicians out there that I was missing in my life!

    1. mariemccallister

      Hey Robbi, I’m so glad you found us. Thanks for the nice words and feel free to call or email us with requests or try to win some of our great ticket giveaways!

  33. J H Gardner

    Aloha ALL of you …..
    Listen (stream) almost every day & nite too …
    Live on Big Island Hawai’i..
    Great selections & goood vibrations..
    Mahalo Nui (thank you ) !!

    1. mariemccallister

      What songs specifically are you referring to? We don’t play rap, but there may be some free-stylin’ within a few songs.

  34. Laura Case

    Would love to hear a shout out (or several shouts) for Stephen Kellogg, playing at the Bartlett on 3/25/19. Thanks!

  35. Stephanie R. Wilson

    I am moving to Sandpoint and so began listening to KPND over the internet. So nice to have an independent local station! My one comment is that I can barely hear DJs Vic and Michelle in the morning. Like their microphone level is set too low. I have to turn up the volume to hear what they are saying then the music or commercial comes on and blasts the neighborhood! I listened to KFOG San Francisco for years and they were labeled World Class Rock. Then they changed and I moved and they were history. Glad to have that vibe back!

  36. Martin B

    Why doesn’t KPND or Blue Sky list any of our concerts at the festival of Sandpoint in your concert tab on the web page

  37. Noah S

    Don’t know if there’s anything you guys can do about this, but wanted to let you know I get pretty bad reception in the Millwood area. I assume it’s because Beacon Hill is blocking me. The absolute worst spot is at the corner of Trent and Fancher (and going up the overpass to the south over the railroad tracks). In that spot I actually get one and sometimes two other stations that seem to overpower your signal. Don’t know if you can talk to the FCC about that or anything. Thanks!

  38. Tom Green

    Just love the Joe Cocker version of Feelin’ Alright. Apparently that’s some guy named Artie Butler who does that great piano part. Thanks for playing it. (And by the way, I particular like the Traffic, Blind Faith, Dave Mason, Yes era of English rock. More, please.) — Tom G.

  39. Jeanine Fletcher

    This past winter 2019 you played a song that I really liked. It had to do with how we treat immigrants and closing our borders and race inequality and the current government. Any idea what song or artist I might be talking about?

  40. John Rockwell

    Been listening for 12 years or more. Realizing that there can be format changes for stations but will ask why I don’t hear Jason Isbell, Amos Lee more on the playlist. KPND was where I first heard Isbell; John Moreland, ..just listen to his stuff; hope to hear more from some of these great talents. thanks for listening. best, John Rockwell

  41. Patrick Killian

    Love the program… your all incredible. Been a staunch listener for seven years now since I moved over from the coast. I just wanted to say thank you for airing the Gospel Mission Recovery Program. My wife and I advocate for the homeless and mental health. That five year mark is the deal breaker, truly. I have been in recovery for 29 years, and my life could not be better. Recovery is doable. We need so much help in the media, and boots on the ground to truly make a difference. 64, 000 died last year to drug overdose and the death toll continues to rise, that’s just narcotics, another 77,000 died to alcohol related issues. The stigma lives and the numbers grow. Thank you for making a difference, even the smallest act helps in this ongoing epidemic battle.

  42. Alan Forrester

    Hi, from Scotland, UK!!
    Next week a new digital release (co- written by me) is due out.

    has been arranged and produced by SPOKANE’S own JORDAN COLE of THE ASSOCIATION. Jordan sings all background harmonies and all the instruments.
    Might you give it airplay? Lead vocals recorded in Scotland, all else recorded in Spokane.

  43. Gavin Gladsjo

    I heard a song on KPND (I believe) by a Native American artist, Camas Spring (or Camas Springs). However, I am unable to find her on the internet. Could you direct me to where I could find her music?

  44. Ferdinand Peres

    Uncle Larry I finally won something from you, tickets to the Cda New Year’s Eve gala. Dress to the nines and enjoy the buffet before the music you’re tickets will be on will call. All week the wife and I were so excited. She gets a mani/pedicure and shops for new outfit. I find a new suit we get a Airbnb in Cda so we can use Uber. The day finally comes and we Uber to the resort stand in line for will call tickets and they can’t find me on the list! Come to find out it was at the Cda inn. It was with out a doubt the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me!! Lucky for me I have a wonderful wife and we made the best of it. By the way we were not the only couple to think it was at the resort

    1. mariemccallister

      Sorry for your misunderstanding. With CDA names so similar, it’s understandable. We had been talking about the CDA Inn’s party and running commercials for it for quite awhile beforehand. I hope you had a good time regardless and enjoyed your New Year’s Eve!

  45. Blake Moore

    Absolutely love the station. But I live in Denver and have to stream it. The stream is having major issues now since the new year. It can’t stay locked on.. keeps buffering etc. Please see what you can do. Thanks so much.

  46. David DeChambeau

    I remember listening to KPND back when we lived up near Bonners Ferry from around 2008 – 2011. I just realized I could listen on my smart speaker. KPND is the best radio station ever. I have heard so many great artists for the first time on KPND. Thank you!

  47. Clint Cord

    KPND was my default station at work, in the car, at home, etc… something changed over the years, whether it was my taste in music, dj styles, monotony with styles or what, but I faded away as a listener including as an app user. Carona virus motivated me to seek new, playlist quality music, more music, less talk. In summary: I’ve had KPND on non-stop now for over two weeks and absolutely loving it, even more that I did back in the day! What ever you did, are doing… please keep doing! Thanks for radio worth listening to – again!

    1. mariemccallister

      Though we really haven’t made any major adjustments to the format, we’re always striving to do better with tweaks here and there. Thanks for your comments. They are much appreciated!

  48. Bridgette ODwyer

    I would really love to have the top 95 songs of 2020. Did I hear you say you would share them out if we email you? How do I get them?

  49. Jack Walker

    I listen to Kpnd all the time and like the variety,especially the blues,rock and Indy ! Did anything happen to the signal this year? I can no longer receive KPND on my old school receivers at home ,which I enjoyed!! I live in Blanchard and we had a fire on Hoodo mt in the summer. I don’t have WiFi here and I m bummed! Any news would b cool.


    Listen to KPND constantly at work and in car. Diehard fan but some honest feedback, do you intentionally make your streaming suck so people cant use it? Just asking because it continually stops and my apple airbook and I have to back and restart it, sometimes like today, every few minutes. Its a shame to have such a nice vibe and such a spotty medium for delivery.
    If I’m doing something wrong please tell me, I’ll happily eat my words and tune in. Thanks BB

  51. Me

    I just heard another add for the Sunday Brunch. You used to have a brunch show. Then you moved it earlier. I’m not up and ready to listen to the radio before 10am on Sundays. The show now ends at 11am. That’s nonsense.

    Also, vote? We used to be able to call it. Now it’s only on FB. I do not have an FB account and aren’t interested in it. Since you don’t even broadcast the show live, FB, your web site, and even just somebody answering the phone, should all be used to take in votes.

  52. Laura Case

    Hello – just wondering why in your ad for their upcoming concert at the Pavilion, you call my favorite band The Counting Crows. It’s just Counting Crows. Otherwise, keep up the great work, love your station!

  53. Sydney Dale Jacobson

    You should check out a new and upcoming local (Hayden, Idaho) artist Sydney Dale. She has produced her first album and is releasing a song each month. Tomorrow “Tell Me to Stay” drops on all streaming platforms. Her Album is Simple Little Things, which is also her title track. She’s a 14 year old singer songwriter and all but two songs on the album are originals.

  54. Katy Fry

    I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you that this weeks Sunday brunch was great. Also this mornings show (Tuesday) was great.
    Honestly, I was beginning to have doubts about your music. Same stuff all the time, just like the other stations. May be different music but over and over and over. These two resent shows were the best I’ve heard from KPND in a while. Thank you!

  55. Johnny

    Cool website.
    I wish requests could be made via text or email. I want to hear some Baby’s or John Waite music and I think KPND is the only cool enough station to play that stuff.
    Best station in inland NW.

  56. Martin Petrilli

    So thrilled to have re-discovered you! Used to listen, but could only get your station when I was in Sandpoint or Cd’A delivering Pepperidge Farm cookies and crackers to the grocery stores. Never knew that in ’08 you licensed in Deer Park and boosted your signal. FM radio had become so dull and repetitive that I turned to AM. talk radio after I sold my business and stopped making regular trips to Idaho. How ironic that it took the purchase of a car with a bad AM radio to prompt me to tool around the FM dial again. When I tune in and hear Dave Matthews, The Wallflowers, a new Billy Idol tune, The Pretenders, and B.B. King all in ONE DAY, I know I’ve died and gone to radio heaven. Long live the few remaining independent stations with eclectic playlists! Now how about some Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Joe Bonamassa, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, David Byrne and/or Talking Heads, Jeff Healy, The Band and all of their individual solo projects, Tom Waits, …..on and on. Thank you for being there. You’re the ONLY station in the INW that has a CLUE.

  57. androiduseronsamsung

    it’s a shame your format has turned to panty waif twink music 8 of 10 songs played seem like picked by big city pre prog soft so called rock programmers , last winter you were playing great hard drivin boogie blues alternative new stuff like commonwealth-8 miles a gallon ,, bonedog-Ridin , Big head todd -Boom Boom , Brice Janey – just another fine day , Gitty Fischer and the thompson brothers- Caddilac groove , Cassie Taylor- thats my man . Highway Jones – cry of love , Eddie Martin – ice cream , Eli Cook – high in the mornin , Jimmy cornett&the deadman – forgotten child . Gary Clark jr -Don’t owe you a thing… . there is a few songs that people want to hear and there are hundreds more just as good , SO how bout dropping the depressing ,average quality at best music you seem to have started playing in the last couple months and get back to something that stomps and makes you feel great, otherwise myself and many others will point our 1/2 wave FM antennas in another direction. Rick ( elected as the one to send you this note . If you need more ideas on GOOD music , feel free to ask.

    1. Marie

      Our music playlist has not changed over the years, except for new music that comes in on a regular basis. We never played the songs on your list, except for Boom Boom by Big Head Todd, so perhaps you have us confused with another station. But thanks for taking the time to comment. Your opinion is always appreciated.


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