More people are listening to the radio than ever before!  Radio reaches over 90% of every age demographic and these days, with extended listening hours, we’re bound to reach your target demo.  During these unimaginable times, let radio reach your customers with up-to-date information and let us be your voice as we all recover during the coming months.  Reach out and let us know how we can help. Click the link below to email us directly.

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  1. Ron Andrews

    I am looking for your station/broadcast on a Grace Digital Internet radio that uses the Reciva radio station listing and just wondering if your station is listed on that service. I have searched using your call sign KPND and 95.3 with no luck then looked under the Alternative genre but no success.

  2. Mike Steiner

    I would really like to win the String Dusters CD. I have two other CDS and the have become a standard on my iPod when traveling. I would like some more.

  3. Roberta calkins

    I won tickets to mardi gras but couldn’t get there because my road is not plowed. I didn’t give my zip code because I didn’t know what it was. 83860 sagle 472 James rd b

  4. Paul ONeil

    Awesome! I just found your site, I have heard KPND back in the old days.. (1997) and I was trynig to see if Uncle Larry was still in radio, and he’s at KPND! Loved Uncle Larry on KEZE back in the early 90’s! Right on KPND! And Sandpoint/ CDA is heaven!

  5. Vesta

    KPND is the best radio station ever, which is why I became a VIP member during the first days the new web site was up and running. I am a daily listener, I am curious about your newest contest for VIP members (also your last, with the golf clubs), from the way it sounds, it is for NEW VIP members only? My husband says it is for all VIP members it is just that the site is new. which is correct? If it is only for new VIP members, isn’t that a little unfair to your loyalist of fans, that don’t need a bribe to become a fan/member?

    #loyal listener

    1. mariemccallister

      Hi Vesta. All of our VIP/web contests include ALL members, not just the new ones signing up. Thanks for being a loyal listener.

      1. michael krahn

        Hey Marie, hope you are doing well! My name is Michael Krahn. I won the travelers rest package, and thanks for that. However; have not received gas card yet, if it hasn’t mailed yet I would like to gift that to Christine C. Sincerely, Michael Krahn…

  6. Tom Dwyer

    I was listening in my car today (Sep 15) about 2.10 pm. I’d like to know the female artist and name of her song. It was the song that preceded The Fixx’s “One Thing Leads to Another”. Thx in advance.

    FYI – love your station!


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