Pat Murphy



Pat spent part of his childhood in northeastern Pennsylvania, then after his parents divorced, a move to Montreal, Canada…where they speak french and yes, Pat speaks fluent french, just hope he doesn’t start speaking in the wrong language on-air!!

Before becoming the night guy on KPND, Pat worked at both North Idaho’s Rock 106.7 as well as the Inland Northwest’s K102 Country.  He also spent some of his early working years doing media promotions for the World Wrestling Federation.

Pat is a happily-married father of four and loves spending time with his kids.  Definitely a “summer guy”, he loves spending his days on the water, home to BBQ and then off to work.

Musically, Pat is easy to please.  He loves the music of KPND, especially tunes from the 70s and 80s.  Some of his favorite acts to rock to include Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Tom Petty and if he wants to kick back and jam, he loves U2, The Grateful Dead and Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson and oddly enough, has a heavy addiction to both early 70’s singer/songwriters and late 70’s disco!!

A die-hard baseball and football fan who also digs The Walking Dead, This Is Us and Family Guy, say “hi” anytime, he’s as easy going as Sunday morning!

To contact Pat, email him at

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